Nezznar, the Black Spider

Drow Wizard, sought to exploit Wave Echo Cave' Forge of Spells


Level ?? Wizard


NEZZNAR craved the power of the Forge of Spells. The Black Spider commanded dimmer men with promises of wealth and arcane power. Nezznar formed the rebel group called the Redbrands and used them in his search for the lost mine of Phandelver.

The gang caught up to Nezznar in Wave Echo Cave. The wizard apparently had Gegram bound and unconscious before a large altar, and used him as leverage. Nezznar offered to ally with the gang against the undead blocking the way to the Forge of Spells. During the fight with a Flameskull, Nezznar betrayed the gang and the captive Gegram turned out to be a Doppelganger. The gang defeated Nezznar, his Doppelganger, and the undead, and they secured Wave Echo Cave safely.

Nezznar, the Black Spider

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